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  • Anne Marble

    Anne Marble

    I’m a writer and a copy editor with experience in editing science and engineering articles. Click Lists to find my most popular articles. And hidden gems.

  • Delilah Brass

    Delilah Brass

    “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” — Winston Churchill

  • Ben Parry

    Ben Parry

    Usually writing about Lifestyle and Personal Finance, sprinkled in with just about everything you can think of. Almost always Espresso fuelled!

  • Jeffery Mac

    Jeffery Mac

    True Crime/Psychology/Side Hustle Enthusiast

  • Crime Waffles

    Crime Waffles

    Julia | 32 | British | History Graduate | I enjoy writing about true crime and strange goings-on.

  • Ella F.

    Ella F.

    Bibliophile and lover of words. Interested in business, relationships, self and life lessons.

  • Robyn Reisch

    Robyn Reisch

    Robyn spends her days cooking, writing, and raising three gorgeous little hooligans. She is married to the world's greatest man.

  • A.W. Naves

    A.W. Naves

    is searching for monsters.

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