Cruel Ex Uses Horrific Family Murder to Terrify Fearful Stalking Victim

Steven Rose Decided to Impersonate a Family Annihilator

recent photo of Jeffrey Franklin courtesy of Alabama Department of Corrections

The Teen Family Annihilator

On March 10, 1998, in my beloved home state of Alabama, seventeen-year-old Jeffrey Franklin decided to murder his entire family. His gruesomely explicit diary, decorated with hand-drawn images of Satan and occult symbols, tells us it wasn’t a snap decision; he had been stewing on it for quite some time. He also outlined a detailed plan that included a hatched, a two-pound sledgehammer, a rat-tale file, and a butcher’s knife.

International Stalking from Behind Bars?

So far, everything about this story makes some sort of tragic sense. An angry, out-of-control teenager. Struggling parents. Drug abuse. Throw in a little 1990s-style Satan worship and heavy metal music, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Who Pretends to be a Murderer?

While Jeffrey Franklin has plenty to be sorry for, stalking Melissa Rogers isn’t one of them. It turns out that the real predator who was lurking in her shadows was much closer to home. Alas, here is where our story takes an all-too-familiar turn.

Still Waiting for Justice

Melissa Rogers did her part. She gathered evidence. She went to the police, at one point presenting them with a USB stick that contained thousands of inappropriate and frightening messages. It took prosecutors three days to simply sift through the mountain of digital evidence, which has now been sent back to law enforcement by the courts to reinvestigate before the upcoming trial. A June 13, 2022 article said that, so far, the prosecution of Steven Rose had been crippled by a police investigation “that was so inadequate prosecutors had to step in.”



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Joni E. Johnston, Psy. D.

Forensic psychologist/private investigator//author of serial killer book. Passionate about victim’s rights, the psychology of true crime, and criminal justice.