But First He Wrote a Book About It

He Started With His Girlfriend

copyright free, courtesy of Fort Worth police department

C’mon, Crime Fighters, Let’s Help Catch This Sexual Predator

Sister Sleuths Solve a Mystery and Get Justice for Someone They Love

Thirty-six-year-old mother of two, Christina Ann Thompson Harris. copyright-free Image provided by her family to Allen Funeral Home for obituary

Santa, Please Bring Me the Courage to Be Like These Advocates

phoenix rising from the ashes, used with permission from iclipart.com

Stalker Roger Keeling Tried to Murder His Ex-Girlfriend Despite Restraining Orders, Police Reports, and Several Arrests

copyright-free image drawn by Roger Keeling of his ex-girlfriend’s house burning down, confiscated, and published by the FBI and Alaska State Troopers during a search of his home

If You Followed the Gabby Petito Case, This Story Might Sound Like Domestic Violence Deja Vu. Let’s Pray It Has a Different Ending.

Lateche Norris, Facebook picture courtesy of her mother, Cheryl Walker

It Can Happen to Anyone. Here’s What Survivors Say They Wish They’d Done Sooner.

Mariusz Czas courtesy of San Diego News Video

Joni E. Johnston, Psy. D.

Dr. Joni Johnston is a forensic psychologist and private investigator who spends time in prisons and evaluates serial killers and other bad guys.

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